lunes, 7 de mayo de 2018



The Skype session starts at 3.30 pm. For technical problems Livia can hear the other participants, but cannot be heard.
Victor explains how the change of mobility of Santa Rosa High School students from Malta to Poland will not affect the participation of Maltese staff and students to the project. The staffs of the three high schools will sort out how to involve all the students in the activities. Ela suggests that the Maltese students can be contacted online by the other students (through Skype, for example) during the week of the mobility in Poland.
Victor also announces that Patricia has withdrawn from the project and a new member of the Maltese staff will soon be introduced to the group. Nonetheless, both Victor and Nadia confirm that they will be working on the selection of the students and on the project itself.
Another important issue is how to upload videos from the students. It seems that they cannot be uploaded directly on e-Twinning. Ela suggests to use WeTransfer or Google Drive to share the presentations of the students, as Schoology seems to be more difficult to deal with. She also suggests that the students may choose each other by watching the videos themselves.
Ela and Cesira explain how they are working on the topics related to the project (legends, Medieval history and celebrations) and confirm that the students of Santa Rosa High School will leave for Poland on 9th April 2018.
As for the middle schools, they are working on the creation of the logo, that will be submitted within the end of March on e-Twinning, to be chosen.
The partners decide to adjourn until the new Maltese member will be confirmed and presented.

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